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The Future of Recovery is Here…

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Hello blog world!  SportPump is offically blogging!  We know there is one previous generic blog but this one is all us!

If you are reading this, you obviously have heard from someone, somewhere, about compression for recovery.  Well, you have reached the right place!  In the last few years, compression for athletic recovery has become a major topic.  If you tell any athlete that there is a product that can help them recover quicker and train harder (and legal!), they are sure to listen.  And we are here to spread the word!  We truly believe that using a pneumatic compression device – the SportPump – will provide you with noticeable recovery.  If it doesn’t, send it back!  But we feel once you slide your legs into the sleeves and feel the gradient, sequential, massaging action of the SportPump, you will find it hard to part with it.

So far, we have attended five Ironman races and the National Athletic Trainers Association conference.  The interest in the SportPump couldn’t have been any more positive.

Athletes currently using the SportPump are across the sports spectrum.  In triathlon, top competitors Angela Naeth (angelaneath.com) and Ben Hoffman (benhoffmanracing.com) are using SportPump in their training and the San Diego Chargers are currently using the CryoSystem for their athletes.  If these top athletes and an NFL team are utilizing the SportPump, then there must something to it, correct?  We believe there is.  Check that, we know it.

Please check back or subscribe to our blog for updates, races that we will be attending, and to keep up with the latest on compression.  Pictures of some of the races will be up soon.



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