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SportPump Attends the 2014 American Physical Therapy Association PPS Conference in Colorado

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SportPump was a recent attendee at the Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association’s 2014 Annual Conference held at The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado on November 5-8. There were many interesting things learned and shared among our team and physical therapy attendees that will help us to better provide for our customer needs as well as help to further the use and efficacy of compression therapy throughout the healthcare continuum.



For those that are unfamiliar, the focus of the conference is on physical therapy private practices with seminars and speakers on business and patient practices, technology advances in the field and much more. There were hundreds of physical therapy professionals that were in attendance, which provided a way to learn and teach new compression therapy techniques and uses that are being implemented to treat a variety of venous-related conditions.

Compression therapy is an established but still growing and evolving treatment in many aspects of healthcare and rehabilitation. As an emerging leader in the field, SportPump has a lot to share in terms of tools, techniques and processes that can help physical therapists treat patients suffering from acute, sub-acute, and chronic injuries and illnesses.

This is particularly true when it comes to lymphatic drainage, which is a key area in terms of chronic conditions. Our development of cutting-edge cold therapy compression systems and vasopneumatic compression pumps and sleeves were quite the attraction at the conference. The fact that they are full featured, simple to operate and effectively portable were important areas of development that physical therapists were eager to try and learn about.

We made quite a few productive associations as we both taught and learned from all facets of healthcare and physical therapy practice professionals about the use of our array of products. Their application in physical therapy private practices and outpatient rehabilitation clinics is growing by the day. The increasingly positive feedback from specialists will fuel our understanding of how the solutions can be applied in a variety of treatment scenarios. We’re confident that this can only work to help us better serve the patient and healthcare community with current and future compression therapy innovations.

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