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SportPump Congratulates SportPump Sponsored Athlete Ben Hoffman for his Second Place Win in the Ironman World Triathlon Championship

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Our congratulations go out to Triathlete Ben Hoffman for his impressive Second Place performance at this year’s Ironman World Triathlon Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Ben has been a SportPump system user since 2012 and one of our standout endorsees in the pro sports world. Hoffman’s race included finish times of 51:20 for the swim, 4:32 for the bike and 2:51 for the run portions of the World Triathlon Championship.



This year’s Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii saw 16 of the event’s 52 male starters unable to finish the grueling race. For Triathlete Ben Hoffman, reaching the podium as the runner up in this year’s championship as one of two Americans to finish in the top five made the showing all the more satisfying.

Finishing, let alone placing high on the roster, and in this case coming in with the second fastest time, is about more than talent and training. It’s also about training smart and having the heart to persevere. Ben has proven that he has what it takes with his impressive performance in Hawaii and everyone at SportPump joins the U.S. and others around the world in congratulating the SportPump user and endorsee on his accomplishment.

The placement is especially gratifying for the two top-performing Americans–Ben Hoffman who finished second and Andy Potts who finished fourth, as they were the first Americans to make it to the podium since Chris Lieto’s second place in 2009.

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