SC4 Full Arm Sleeve

Our Full Arm Sleeve comes in 2 models, both highly effective in delivering gradient sequential compression therapy and cold therapy from fingertips to shoulder. See details below.

  • 4-chamber sleeve for better gradient sequential compression
  • Covers fingertips to shoulder
  • Comes in 2 models


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Product Info

Both of the SportPump full arm sleeves provide 4-chamber, gradient sequential massage from fingertips to shoulder. Whether you choose the sleeve lined with cryo-gel (SC4 model), or our standard leg sleeves (SP models) which can accommodate cryo-gel inserts, you can add the anti-inflammatory benefits of cold that gives athletes the much sought after R.I.C.E recovery treatment.

  • The SC4 Full Leg Sleeve comes conveniently lined with cryo-gel. It has removable hose connectors so you can place your sleeve(s) in the freezer or refrigerator to cool prior to treatment.
  • The SC4 Thin Cut Leg Sleeve has a thinner leg profile for leaner athletes ideally with a thigh circumference measuring no more 15” .
  • The SP Leg Sleeve comes without the cryo-gel lining but is designed to accommodate two square cryo-gel inserts (sold separately). Some prefer the ability to remove and refrigerate the cryo-gel inserts or have spare inserts cooling during treatment. You can purchase your square cryo-gel inserts from this website as well.
  • All SportPump full leg sleeves are made with 2-ply durable vinyl, heavy-duty stitching and come with a 1-year warranty.
  • All full leg sleeves have 4 chambers for preferred gradient sequential compression.
  • All hoses and connectors are included.

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  • Congestive heart failure
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Inflammatory phlebitis or episodes of pulmonary embolism
  • Infections in the limb, including cellulitis, without appropriate antibiotic coverage
  • Presence of lymphangiosarcoma